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Zafino Darcy Huggie Gold/Sea

Zafino Darcy Huggie Gold/Sea

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A chic and stylish small hoop adorned with sea green coloured crystals. These earrings bring a touch of ocean-inspired beauty to your style, with the sea green crystals resembling the captivating shades of the sea. The small hoop design offers a comfortable and versatile accessory, perfect for everyday wear or to add a splash of colour to your special occasions.

Made nickel free
Hypoallergenic brass metal
18k Gold plated
Earring Size is 2mm (W) x 10mm (L) Measured at the widest width and overall length
Water resistant

Your Zafino pieces are designed to live a long life if they are taken care of. To keep your Zafino pieces looking best, we recommend the following care steps. Remove any non water resistent jewellery before showering, swimming and washing your hands to avoid damage to jewellery plating and the risk of tarnishing. Avoid applying lotions, creams and perfumes on our near your jewellery as chemicals from these products can cause plating damage. Store your jewellery pieces separately in cool, dry places out of the sunlight and extreme heat. Remove your pieces before getting into bed to avoid any accidents that may cause damage to the pieces. Water resistent styles can be worn in the water however it is recommended to not wear your pieces in chlorinated pools or leave your pieces in salt water for long periods of time without rinsing.   

Zafino is an Australian jewellery brand specialising in fashion jewellery since 2010. They design all of their pieces in house at their Melbourne based head office. They believe in quality pieces and fashion forward designs at an affordable price that can be worn every day. They believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. 


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