Collection: Ottway the Label

We like to think of OTTWAY as a community rather than just a clothing brand. A lifestyle vehicle, inspiring the way people live, the way people look, and the way people feel. Their mantra, LIFE IS FOR LIVING! Always enjoying the present moment, friends & outdoors with the aim of living an adventure near or far and with sustainability every time at the forefront. OTTWAY is a breath of fresh air in a world where fashion can often lose its essence. The clothes we wear should not only reflect our own styles and quirks, but the values we hold, the people we aspire to be and the life we are continuing to live. OTTWAY is created in the footprints of two-spirited voyagers with a deep respect for nature, exploration and tradition, Ottway pays tribute to the spirit of community and the gift of living, with a passion for clean energy, sustainability and purposeful travel, Neri and Manu are more than just designers. They’re on a mission.