Collection: Slowly Golden

Endless Summer Collection

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed at how much more she had time for

Every day has a sunrise, a sunset, and moments waiting to be savoured like the first cup of coffee, a mid-morning moment of stillness, gentle reflections that ignite an awareness of the smallest and simplest things that matter most. Slowly Golden’s Endless Summer is luxuriously anchored in presence, full of possibility, a seemingly endless summer filled with long days and golden moments.

The collection flows the wearer seamlessly between doing and being, softly summoning moments of Self that celebrates slowness. Essential to finding the way back to stillness, Slowly Golden uses natural fibres, fabrics and tones that weave comfort into every salty dawn walk and smoky evening conversation. 

Breathe in the easy simplicity of another time with cotton knits and classic cuts that welcome changing seasons as timeless pieces.

Consciously designed in New Zealand for a kinder environmental impact, Slowly Golden is ethically hand-crafted in Bali to create a sustainability process that champions women in enterprise. Slowly Golden. An Ode to the moments of slowness and self.