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Holistica Harmonious Hormone Balance Blend 50ml

Holistica Harmonious Hormone Balance Blend 50ml

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Introducing the Holistica Harmonious Hormone Balance Blend! Formulated with over 25 years of expertise in aromatherapy, this blend is your trusted companion through all hormonal stages and changes in life. From adolescence to menopause, it calms and assists, soothing menstrual pain and PMS symptoms. Natural plant hormone balancing essential oils help you to achieve homeostasis and naturally calm hormone rushes and dips.

100% Natural 
Kid-friendly, pet-friendly, eco-friendly
100% Pure Essential Oils and no Fragrance Oils
Cruelty Free, Vegan, we only test on Humans
Hand-made in Papamoa
Glass Bottles

Introducing Holistica Natural Products to Slowly Golden, your haven for handcrafted remedies imbued with soul by a seasoned aromatherapist of 25 years. Nestled in Papamoa, all Holistica products encapsulate nature's healing essence and Reiki's transformative power. Embracing inner beauty, Holistica guides self-discovery, unveiling your unique gems. Each holistic remedy nourishes mind, body, and spirit, from luxurious Magnesium cream to soothing Aura mist. Let Holistica support your wellness journey, offering tools to reconnect and embrace your true self. 


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