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Dear the Series

Dear Me Journal

Dear Me Journal

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Dear Me is more than just a guided journal. Thoughtfully curated with an array of over 120 prompts, aimed at guiding individuals on a profound journey of self-discovery. Through these carefully crafted questions, readers are encouraged to delve deep into the essence of who they are and to reflect on the transformative events that have shaped their lives, ultimately leading them to become the person they are today.

This book also includes heartfelt poetry and words of wisdom from the author. These resonate with readers' hearts, inspires their minds, and fosters their personal growth.

One of the unique features of Dear Me is a dedicated chapter that invites readers to embrace the positive impact of others' words. Here, the reader can inscribe encouraging and uplifting messages that others have spoken over them, creating a space of affirmation and appreciation. This practice reinforces a sense of interconnectedness and reminds readers of the uplifting influence they can have on one another.

Beyond its content, Dear Me embraces creativity with its vibrant colours. Making the journal an enjoyable and visually stimulating companion on the path to self-exploration. The thoughtful design enhances the overall experience and encourages readers to express their thoughts and emotions freely.

In summary, Dear Me is more than just a guided journal. It is a profound and inspiring tool for self-discovery. With its array of thoughtful prompts, heartfelt poetry, uplifting words, and artistic elements. It serves as a companion on the journey of personal growth, guiding readers to understand themselves better, find meaning in their experiences, and embrace the beauty of their own unique story.

120 prompted questions
150 pages
Fabric cover gives the book the highest protection

120gsm paper

Dear The Series is an outstretched hand to hold onto, to help you through the highs and the lows through community and journaling.


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