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Dear the Series

Dear Bundle: Dear Me & Dear Future

Dear Bundle: Dear Me & Dear Future

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Dear Future have created two beautifully crafted guided journals in a pack, that were designed to help people uncover their unrealised potential. With over 120 prompted questions per book, that have been carefully written to encourage thought-provoking answers, all with the intention in mind to guide people to think more deeply about their lives and their futures. When you purchase the Dear Me & Dear Future Bundle, you're embarking on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, personal growth, and a future filled with purpose and passion. This bundle is not just two journals; it's a roadmap to your best self and the life you've always envisioned.

Reflect & Create, focus on the good. As you create your vision for your future, take a moment to remember what you want to bring along with you - the friends, family, projects, and dreams (always) that are the foundations of what happens next. Gratitude actually creates room for more of the good things in life - a beautiful ritual to add into your life.

Dear Me Summary
- Step into a profound journey of self-discovery with Dear Me, a captivating guided journal meticulously crafted to help you uncover the essence of who you are.
- Delve deep into your life's transformative moments with over 120 thought-provoking prompts.
- Explore the wisdom of heartfelt poetry and inspirational words that resonate with your heart and stimulate your mind.
- Embrace the positivity of others' affirmations in our dedicated chapter, reminding you of your uplifting influence on those around you.
- Experience the vibrant colours and imaginative sketches that make this journal not only a tool for self-exploration but a joy to use.
- In summary, Dear Me is your companion on the journey of personal growth. It helps you understand yourself better, find meaning in your experiences, and embrace the beauty of your unique story.

Dear Future Summary
- Ignite your potential with Dear Future, a beautifully crafted guided journal designed to help you envision and work towards your dreams.
- Answer over 120 carefully curated questions that encourage you to think deeply about your future.
- Did you know that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them? Dear Future empowers you to embed your ambitions in your subconscious mind.
- Explore your life's desires, set meaningful goals, and create a roadmap to your dreams.
- Get excited about your future and reignite your passion for what lies ahead.
- Start dreaming today and see what incredible possibilities await you in the days to come.

Now, imagine the impact of combining the power of self-discovery and goal setting.

120 prompted questions each
150 pages each
Fabric cover gives the book the highest protection

120gsm paper 

People that write down their goals and ambitions are 42% more likely to see their goals come to life. Thousands of people aren’t reaching their goals, simply because they are not writing them down. By writing down goals, it helps to embed them within our subconscious. Dear Future was created to guide people through questions to make them think of what they truly want in their life. It’s all about encouraging and igniting a fire within people to get excited about their future. It helps you to look at what could potentially lie ahead for you if only you started dreaming about it today.


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