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Biobod Cleanse Bar Rest Natural White

Biobod Cleanse Bar Rest Natural White

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Sustainability has never looked this good!
Preserves cleanse bar. Controls moisture. Antibacterial.

Our cleanse bar rest is made from naturally antibacterial diatomaceous earth that is designed specifically to keep your cleanse bar dry, clean and effective. 100% sustainable and beautifully designed this is the perfect companion for your biobod cleanse bar.

Made with 100% diatomaceous earth
Comes in Natural White and Stone Grey
Cleanser Bar Rest is made with 100% natural & biodegrade materials and can be composted.

Every time you change your cleanse bar, gently clean your cleanse bar rest with a soft  brush and allow to dry completely. Replace every 12 months.

Biobod was created from a desire to rethink the way we approach caring for our skin. Biobod's founder Natalie, started her career in large beauty companies. In her twenties, she was always looking for the newest and greatest skin actives and smothering them on her face with reckless abandon. As a result, she developed highly reactive skin and couldn't use most of the products she was working with. Her long journey to find products she could use formed the important groundwork for Biobod. After many years of development including 100's of samples and endless months of testing, biobod was launched. Now their vision is to help all humans achieve strong and healthy skin, with less. Using naturally active formulations that are scientifically developed to work with your body, not against it by restoring the natural mechanisms of skin health. Your body. Your Way.

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