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Aunty Miri

Aunty Miri Children's Book - Garden

Aunty Miri Children's Book - Garden

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“Aunty Miri’s Garden” is the third instalment in “The Blueberry Books” series. Created by author and illustrator, Miriam Gee, this book captures the story of a young berry enthusiast’s excitement for the blueberries to turn blue. The connection between the child and their aunty is cultivated while they wait in anticipation.

The Blueberry Books have committed to donating two percent of our annual profit to Child Poverty Action Group. Your purchase is helping to reduce childhood poverty – thank you! See whole collection here.

Custom fine art paper by Miriam Gee
Custom illustrations on high quality paper


Miriam's debut into aunt-hood came at the tender age of six, and is a role which brings her immense joy and purpose. She's now known by many as ‘Aunty Miri’ (short for Miriam, so no need to roll the 'r'). Her passion for graphic design evolved into a decade-long dream of writing and illustrating children's books, realised in 2023 with a nudge from dear friend Linda Duncan. Aunty Miri's work with children led her to a Bachelor of Social Work, giving birth to The Blueberry Books in 2022. This series fosters togetherness and a systemic impact on children and their families, embodying her deep care for their well-being.


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