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35mm Co

35mm Co The Reloader® Reusable Film Camera Yellow

35mm Co The Reloader® Reusable Film Camera Yellow

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Reload (and relive) your greatest memories with 35mm Co’s signature film camera. Designed with manual film advance and rewind functions, this repeat-use camera was made to last the distance. Pack it for travels, parties, beach days or lazy weekend bliss — whatever you’re capturing, The Reloader will keep the moment alive. Also comes in Mint Green, Pastel Blue, Peach and Dusty Pink.

Unlike a ‘disposable’ that contributes to our landfill crisis, this repeat-use camera produces nostalgia through a vintage lens time and time again. Just refill with any 35mm film when you run out.

Built for beginners and available in four vivid colours, The Reloader is a must-have accessory for collectors of good times.

Click here for FAQ (how to load film, how to develop etc)

Compatible with all 35mm film
Focus-free lens
Vegan leather wrist strap

Lens 31mm f/9
Focus 1m to ∞
Shutter speed 1/120S
Power Source: 1x AAA battery for flash (not included)
Size: 119mm (W) x 67mm (H) x 44mm (D)
Material: ABS plastic

Please note that this product does not include film - it needs to be purchased separately.

Our repeat-use, consciously-designed cameras are reviving the love and accessibility of film in a ‘fast photography’ era. Slow consumption and meaningful moments guide our brand, and it’s crucial that everyone can learn how to use our products in a matter of minutes. We’re a small team founded in Melbourne and now sunning ourselves in the Gold Coast. Our belief is that shooting film doesn’t need to be something exclusive, difficult or expensive — it can be a thoughtful gift and a fun way to collect memories.  

We're easy and fun just like your film camera. The 35mm Co story is all about keeping memories alive: those faces, places, feelings and iconic stories that make a life. While we keep thousands of images stored on our phones or social media profiles, there’s something special about holding a film photo in your hand. That deep feeling of nostalgia is what 35mm Co is designed to capture, without requiring any prior camera knowledge from our customers. 


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