Shoot Film Like a Pro on our New 35mm Film Camera

Shoot Film Like a Pro on our New 35mm Film Camera

Step up your photography game with these 3 tips to get the best results from your Reloader. 

  1. Always use flash indoors or in low lighting. Give your camera ample light to capture the perfect shot. The golden rule: if in doubt, always use flash. 

  2. Snap Film, always. Bright and vibrant tones, what more could you want?Colour negative film will give you the best results with your Reloader. Use it AM or PM to add a little colour to your life. 

  3. Get up close and personal. Stand 1.5-2 metres away from your subject for the best quality pics!


The 35mm Co story is all about keeping memories alive: those faces, places, feelings and iconic stories that make a life. While we keep thousands of images stored on our phones or social media profiles, there’s something special about holding a film photo in your hand. That deep feeling of nostalgia is what 35mm Co is designed to capture, without requiring any prior camera knowledge from our customers. 
See The Reloader in action

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