Behind the scenes: Slowly Golden

Behind the scenes: Slowly Golden

Once she stopped rushing through life she was amazed how much more life she had time for

Slowly Golden is founder Stephanie's second brand, and one she's a lot in love with. As with Saltysea, Stephanie knew that what she created has to be about moving towards not only a mindset around sustainability, but sustainability in action too.

In a recent interview with Ariana Whittingham on Ecocious, Stephanie shared:

"I wanted what I wore on my adventures to be part of what keeps nature beautiful so I needed apparel that was made to last, from natural materials, and styles that were timeless. You can see this in how versatile Slowly Golden is with pieces that women actually want to wear, wear well, and wear often."

After 5 years as an apparel creative, Steph has learned that our favourite clothes are almost always determined by how they make us feel. Designing a brand that was imbued with a slower pace was a conscious decision to evoke sensations of luxury and comfort in the everyday.

"It’s this concept that really captures sustainability to me because when we slow down a little we consider things a lot more, and we have the space to make decisions from a meaningful place that matches the values we have with how we show up in the world."

Slowly Golden’s Endless Summer Collection is luxuriously anchored in presence, full of possibility, a seemingly endless summer filled with long days and golden moments. The collection flows the wearer seamlessly between doing and being, softly summoning moments of Self that celebrates slowness.  

Consciously designed in New Zealand for a kinder environmental impact, Slowly Golden is ethically hand-crafted in Bali to create a sustainability process that champions women in enterprise.

The Endless Summer Collection launched Slowly Golden into the world and remains a top-seller at The Salty Collective. The 70’s inspired style shoot in a classic bach and beach setting features quirky and fun moments between friends, aligned with Slowly Golden's desire to celebrate women and all the ways we come home to ourselves.

"Slowly Golden is such a sweet addition to my life, and continues to teach me about slowing down to take purposeful movement forward, sometimes a little messy, always surrounded by good friends, and making memories that last a lifetime."

Slowly Golden. An Ode to the moments of slowness and self.

Shop the collection here.

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