Dear 2023...

Dear 2023...

It's the first week of January, and the new year reminds us that, eventually, everything changes. 
But how often do we remember to have a say in creating those changes? I've been using this time to reflect on the year that was (so much gratitude) and begin the process of tuning into what lies ahead for 2023. I'm using the beautiful Dear Future Journal to guide the way . For tracking daily actions, the Frank 2023 Planners are a gorgeous ritual to meet each day with intention and slowness, choosing not just what we do but who we want to be. 
Wishing you your very best 2023.
Stephanie x


Reflect & Create

Focus on the good. As you create your vision for 2023, take a moment to remember what you want to bring along with you - the friends, family, projects, and dreams (always) that are the foundations of what happens next. Gratitude actually creates room for more of the good things in life - a beautiful ritual to add into 2023.

dear journal

Dream Bigger + start smaller

Having a couple of stretchy goals, you know the kind that make you a little scared/hopeful/excited is an amazing way to adventure into the possibilities of the new year. And, yet sometimes they seem sooo far away. For each grand goal, we have to take a thousand little steps to get there - so notice the steps you take each day. What's one routine action you can take daily that moves you forward?

Add to your routine 
Some of the best advice I was ever given was that when it comes to making changes, add before you subtract. Add some supplements at snack times before you take the treats away. Add a step to your morning routine that makes you feel great before you take away the scrolling. Finding new anchors that make us feel just as good is important to help us feel safe enough to make little and big changes.


Before motivation, you'll find inspiration.

The spark of an idea, the drifting of a feeling of how things could be across your mind. Inspiration exists in the realm of potential; a potent ingredient in dreaming the life we choose to lead for ourselves. So listen, in the moments as you wake, in nature {often} and in great conversations with your favourite people, for inspiration to arrive with all the possibilities she offers.

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