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Surf and Stone

Surf & Stone Pearl Ring

Surf & Stone Pearl Ring

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The Classic ring by Surf & Stone is just pearls nothing in between, it's a pearl ring in its truest form. A perfect combination of natural elegance and the power of the ocean. The natural oils on your hands maintain and keep your pearls sparkling, which is why we believe your hands are the perfect spot for our pearls. All fresh water pearls hand crafted by Chloe and Moses in Vancouver BC. You can wear in the ocean, shower, to sleep without worrying about taking it off, just be careful using harsh chemicals as the pearls are living organisms, just rinse after with fresh water. Pair with the matching Surf & Stone Pearl Necklace or mix it up with the Surf & Stone Daisy Necklace for a bit of fun.

100% fresh water pearls
Handmade in Canada

We are Chloe and Moses Thiessen, a couple of deeply in love kids with a passion for jewellery. Chloe is the mastermind behind all the designs, Chloe started off by making miyuki earrings and has now found joy in branching out into other designs including pearl rings, and necklaces. Moses has tried making earrings a couple times and has since retired to making pearl rings and handling the business side of things. All the jewellery is handcrafted in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada by us.


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