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Max and Louie

Max and Louie Lip Sleeping Mask

Max and Louie Lip Sleeping Mask

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Introducing our Dual Lip Effect Cream, a luxurious solution for lush and hydrated lips. Our active collagen peptide formula ensures rapid absorption, delivering effective hydration 10 times more than ordinary lip balms. This powerhouse not only heals and restores moisture but also helps maintain your lips' natural plumpness, eliminating dry, scaly lips effortlessly.

Enriched with vitamin C and E, this lip cream takes lip care to the next level, contributing to overall lip health. The irresistible fragrance adds a delightful touch, making it a treat for your senses. For optimal results, apply a generous layer at bedtime, letting the cream work it's magic overnight. In the morning, gently wipe away any excess with a wet cotton pad. Transform your lip care routine with our Dual Lip Effect Cream, where science meets indulgence, leaving your lips irresistibly soft, plump, and beautifully revitalised.

No sulphates
Paraben free
Organic ingredients

Max and Louie Beauty was inspired and created by Nat Bos, designed to encourage everyone to be confident, creative and to embrace their natural beauty and style. Simplicity and quality are the heart and soul of Max and Louie. The shades and design functions of the range compliment all skin types and skin tones allowing everyone to create professional make up looks quickly and easily. Max and Louie has been inspired and brought to life from Nat's brow specialist background and years of experience as a make up artist.

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