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Becca Project

Becca Project Reed Diffuser - Brave

Becca Project Reed Diffuser - Brave

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A robust blend of cedarwood and exotic spices that leaves you feeling strong and powerful. With the addition of cassia and clove, this masculine blend energises and aids metabolic and immune function while promoting a grounding sense of emotional wellbeing. Shop the whole range here.

Becca Project diffusers are well and truly hand-made, using certified organic essential oils and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils. This woody scent is a musky blend of Cedarwood, Clove, Cassia and will provide long lasting fragrance to any room. Brave is especially good for teenage boys and men.

When you first assemble your Reed Diffuser, allow the reeds to infuse in the oil for 30 minutes before turning over. This will give the reeds a chance to soak up that Becca goodness and will improve the scent throw. We recommend you turn the reeds weekly to maintain a good level of fragrance throughout your space.

Store diffuser on a flat, stable surface
Ensure diffuser is placed securely to avoid being knocked over or affected by wind
Keep out of reach of children and pets
If the scent is too strong, remove a couple of reeds
If diffuser oil is spilt, clean with a wet cloth immediately
Keep away from direct heat or sunlight to avoid the reeds drying out

Cedarwood, Clove, Cassia and Musk

Bec and Carlie are two busy, eco-conscious, ethically-minded, style-loving mamas from Auckland’s North Shore. They bonded over their kids’ close friendship,  auto-immune diseases and a love of design. From candles to body oil, Becca Project embrace the slow beauty movement with a call to our customers to pause, take a breath (of mood enhancing essential oils) and practise some self-care.


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