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Dea Aisling Long Dress Cream

Dea Aisling Long Dress Cream

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Introducing the Aisling Ribbed Dress, Aisling, pronounced ‘Ashling,’ isn't just a dress; it's a symbol of a dream or vision of a beautiful woman. Designed for versatility, this long ribbed dress with a built-in shelf lining can be worn as a cozy nighty or a chic summer dress. Aisling effortlessly combines comfort and style, ensuring your days and nights are filled with relaxation and elegance.

In the botanical colour range, each piece of fabric is hand-dyed with nature’s kiss, while the botanical colours may naturally fade over time, each batch is a unique masterpiece, showcasing slight variations in colour. The fabric's natural vibrational tones add a touch of beauty, making each piece truly special.

Self Care Feels: Elegant, Free, Rested

Our intimates are made with 95% GOTS certified organic cotton and 5% elastane, ethically sourced from India. 
Cool machine wash with eco friendly soap.
Wash colours separately.
Line dye in shade.
Botanical colours used will naturally fade with time.
Each piece is unique.
Colours are bach dyed, so can differ in colour.
Not always complete even tone.



XS 6 34  2 - 70 +79 - 59 + 68 - 80 + 91
S 8-10 36-38 4-6 - 80 + 91 - 68 + 78 - 90 + 98
M 12 40 8 - 92 + +99 - 78 + 87 - 96 + 103
L 14-16 42-44 10-12 - 100 + 109 - 88 + 97 - 104 + 113
XL 18-20 46 14 - 110 + 119 - 97 + 106 - 114 + 123

In general, store sizing has become smaller and smaller over the years. Nowadays, most women buy a size bigger for their knickers! Well, not when you purchase dea clothing.

We are on a mission to revolutionise sizing, and size psychology. We want you to feel good in your skin, which is why our sizing is generous and true.

If you’re a medium normally, your true size will be a medium in all of our garments.
Note, if you are pregnant or wanting extra comfort for a day at home, going up a size might be extra cosy. If you’re out and about, your true size is the go.

Crafting Clothes for All, From Earth to Body: dea emerged with a profound purpose – to create clothing seamlessly connecting the essence of the earth to the diverse beauty of every body. In 2022, Deanna Mansell, the visionary creator and designer, unveiled dea after devoting eight years to researching and developing skin-sensitive fabrics, threads, and designs. The debut collection is a testament to her passion, creativity, and steadfast commitment to a unique vision of inclusivity and comfort. Each stitch embodies love and care, weaving a narrative that begins with underwear and extends its embrace to every individual.


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