Slowly Golden

Ethical and sustainable clothing, accessories and lifestyle.

  • Become wildly present...

    Slowly Golden offers collections that ask for more than a single season: to carry us from perching on porch steps with coffee and journal in hand to sandy shores as the golden hour paints our skin in the soft glow of another day lived well. Because we want to bike and hike, then dance with swirling skirts and sandy toes until our hearts beat loudly in the still night air.

  • An experience in timelessness and gentle wonder, discover in store the kind of quiet joy that drinking from your favourite mug, wearing your comfiest sweater as you talk to your dearest friend evokes. It’s about being wildly present in each moment so that we have less and do more with what we do own, use, and wear. It’s finding time for ourselves to nurture and nourish, to remember what sustains us.

  • Slowly Golden is a reminder of where we’ve come from, with an honouring of the styles and slower pace of yesteryear; beckoning to the times when summer days feel endless, and simplicity is a way of being with who and what we love most. Cherished memories made and kept for years to come in polaroid and grainy film become etched on hearts and minds, so that long after the ink has faded the laughter remains.

 We focus our lens on the details that matter: sustainable, ethical, conscious, and responsive business practices that aim to minimise the impact production has on the environment and the many makers in the process.

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Together, we want to shift the confusion behind buying sustainable apparel. We love to explore the world wearing lifestyle brands that echo our own ethos: respecting and celebrating forests, beaches and oceans, making sure they are there for generations to come.

As such, each brand we partner with at Slowly Golden aligns with our Core Compass Values that facilitates at least three of the sustainable and ethical business practices:

  • - Locally made
    - Natural
    - Organic or recycled materials
    - Compostable or recycled packaging
    - Fair trade

  • - Natural ingredients 
    - B Corp Certified

    - Giving back to a cause, organisation or community
    - 1% for the planet

  • - One Tree Planted
    - Independently owned
    - Small batches
    - Minimal waste
    - Offsetting CO2 emissions